Caps for fixed resistors

Caps for carbon film fixed resistors, metal film fixed resistors, and metal oxide film fixed resistors
We control the quality of caps for fixed resistors from the raw material stage according to their application, while taking into consideration fittability, weldability, and initial resistance stability. Our domestic market share for caps for fixed resistors is 92%. Our maximum production speed is the world’s highest, 24,300 caps per minute.

High speed pressHigh speed pressUsage example of caps for fixed resistorsPress factory

Production Equipment
35 ton press FDH-35
(Kyori Kogyo) 17 units

50 ton press PD-50
(Kyori Kogyo) 1 unit

40 ton press ISIS-40
(Isis) 2 units

60 ton press ISIS-U60
(Isis) 1 unit

Barrel polishing machine CR-2CI5.5
2 units

Centrifugal barrel polishing machine TAB-504S
1 unit

Compressor OSP-55VARN
(Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems) 1 unit

Compressor OSP-55S6AN
(Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems) 1 unit

Compressor Z376
(Mitsui Seiki Kogyo) 1 unit


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