Flexible ideas and challenge to advanced technology

Today, we live in a highly-networked information society, where social needs have become increasingly diversified.
We need to have the capability to select information from a wide range of fields and apply it according to each of these needs.
Our company, as a pioneer in precision metal dies and the stamping industry, takes pride in our highly reliable technology and extensive experience cultivated over many years that our competitors can never reproduce. As technology continues to advance, however, we endeavor to accurately grasp our customer needs based on our flexible ideas and excellent technical capabilities, constantly seeking, learning, and developing new technologies, never being satisfied with the status quo.

Quality Policy
Customer first
Learn how products are used and improve delivery quality through enhanced manufacturing quality and aptitude testing to gain customer confidence.

Learn from the actual workplace and environment and real material
Secure efficient productivity by thoroughly eliminating quality loss.

Profits come from quality
Establish a quality assurance system directly connected to management, which will enable prompt action and tackling of difficult issues.

ISO 9001

Quality Management System
In August 2000, our company acquired ISO9001, international standards for quality management system, to ensure our quality management system for various products. We deliver high quality products to many customers.

ISO 14001

Environmental Management System
In August 2001, our company acquired ISO14001, international standards for environmental management system, as we consume a significant amount of energy such as electricity to manufacture various products. We actively promote environmental activities based on the environmental management system.

Company History
May 1959
Hiroshi Minamoto establishes a private company Seiwa Kinzoku Seisakusho in Moriguchi City, Osaka to manufacture precision dies.

June 1961
Seiwa Kinzoku Seisakusho incorporated as Seiwa Kinzoku Co., Ltd. with capital of ¥1 million.

December 1967
New factory established in Shijonawate City, Osaka. Integrated production from die manufacturing to stamping starts.

July 1970
Capital increased to ¥17 million.

June 1973
Miyakonojo factory established in Miyakonojo City (1st phase of construction).

September 1975
Expansion work completed (2nd phase of construction). Die factory moved to Miyakonojo factory to concentrate production.

October 1979
Capital increased to ¥20 million yen.

October 1987
Taping machines introduced and integrated production from die manufacturing to taping starts.

December 1992
Die manufacturing department is spun off and Seiwa Giken Co., Ltd. established (capital ¥10 million).

July 1996
Minamoto Indonesia PT (capital $500,000) established on Batam Island, Indonesia, and operation starts.

August 2000
Seiwa Kinzoku Co., Ltd. acquires ISO9002.

August 2001
Seiwa Kinzoku Co., Ltd. and Seiwa Giken Co., Ltd. acquire ISO14001.

March 2002
Seiwa Kinzoku Co., Ltd. acquires ISO9001.

April 2003
Seiwa Giken Co., Ltd. merged with Seiwa Kinzoku Co., Ltd.

July 2010
Minamoto Indonesia PT closed.

November 2011
Seiwa Kinzoku Co., Ltd. receives prize for excellence at Miyazaki Industrial Safety and Health Convention.

January 2017
Seiwa Kinzoku Co., Ltd. receives prize for excellence from Panasonic Corporation, Automotive Industrial Systems Company, Device Solutions Business Division, Electronic Control Solutions Business Unit.

Company Overview
Company name
Seiwa Kinzoku Co.,Ltd.

7171 Tohoku Town, Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture 885-0004 Japan
TEL: +81-986-38-2030
FAX: +81-986-38-4131

Yoshito Minamoto

June 21, 1961

20 million yen

Main banks
Japan Finance Corporation
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
The Kagoshima Bank, Ltd.

Principal Customers
Panasonic Corporation
KOA Corporation
Kyocera Corporation
Hokuriku Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Akahane Electronics Corporation
Hitachi Metals Neomaterial, Ltd.

Yoshitama Surface Finishing Co., Ltd.
FCM (Fine Chemical & Materials)
Kanzacc Co., Ltd.

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