Environmental Policy
Environmental philosophy
We recognize that conservation of the global environment is the mission of all human beings, and aim to realize coexistence of the global environment and business activities.

Our business activities
SEIWA KINZOKU CO., LTD is engaged in designing, manufacturing, maintenance, and parts processing for metal press dies and metal stamping for electronic parts.

Action policies
We take seriously issues surrounding the global environment such as global warming and pollution caused by industrial waste, and make efforts to improve the following matters in order to reduce our environmental footprint as a result of our business activities:
1.Efforts to efficiently use electricity, oil and water to reduce usage amounts.
2.Efforts to efficiently use raw materials.
3.Efforts to reduce and recycle waste.
For the purpose of improving the matters above, we set out environmental purposes and goals and prepare improvement plans to promote activities, and periodically check their achievement and review activities.
We strive to continuously improve conservation of the global environment through these activities.
In addition, we comply with all environment-related laws and regulations that apply to our business activities and other requirements agreed by us.
We provide education for all employees including management and personnel who are permanently assigned and perform operations in conjunction with this environmental policy.
We provide this environmental policy in response to requests from the general public.


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