Coordinate measuring machine

After products are delivered to customers, they must withstand various harsh usage environments. Therefore, we check the areas where defects may occur from the product planning stage throughout the manufacturing process. We “guarantee high precision quality” through our meticulous craftsmanship.

Stereoscopic microscopeMeasuring microscopeMeasuring microscopeMicroscopeHot resin mounting press, Specimen polisher

Production Equipment
Measuring microscope MF-B3017C
(Mitutoyo) 1 unit

Measuring microscope MF-A1720
(Mitutoyo) 1 unit

2D data processor QM-Date200
(Mitutoyo) 1 unit

Microscope VH-7000
(Keyence) 1 unit

3D shape measuring machine VR-3100
(Keyence) 1 unit

Surface roughness/contour measuring machine Surfcom 300B
(Tokyo Seimitsu) 1 unit

Hot resin mounting press GI-10
(IMT) 1 unit

Specimen polisher IM-P2
(IMT) 1 unit

Linear Height 518
(Mitutoyo) 1 unit

Linear Height LH-600
(Mitutoyo) 1 unit

Projector VN-500
(Shinko Seiki) 1 unit

Hardness tester 1166
(Togoshi Seiki) 1 unit

Stereoscopic microscope STZ-40TBTa
(Shimadzu) 2 units

Stereoscopic microscope STZ-161
(Shimadzu) 1 unit

Stereoscopic microscope MSM-374T
(Mitutoyo) 2 units

Stereoscopic microscope MSM-Z414
(Mitutoyo) 1 unit

Electronic scale GX-600R
(A & D) 1 unit

Automatic measuring-packaging machine KP-350
(Yuniki Sangyo) 1 unit


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